Cleaning Programs for Facilities
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Interstate Management Systems (IMS)

Facilities choose IMS
to take control of cleaning costs ...

IMS strives to offer innovative operations that deliver measurable and sustainable value to educational facilities.

We understand our client's changing needs. As a result of consolidating, cutting budgets and finding ways to gain leverage, clients are relying more on strategic distributors who can deliver methods, tools and expertise to continuously optimize their resources.

To meet this modern market, IMS has developed:

  • A management approach to custodial operations
  • Set-cost cleaning programs
  • "Just-In-Time" delivery and inventory control

... and increase productivity by improving performance

IMS applies a management program and methodology that identifies and eliminates unproductive elements that exist within facility cleaning programs. The IMS approach guarantees cost savings and value-added services for each facility without sacrificing high standards for service and performance.

  • Reduce maintenance and operations costs while enhancing facility appearance
  • Computer management software: Cleaning Cost Analysis Program; inventory management system
  • Workshops and seminars to train cleaning personnel and improve productivity
  • Work loading: cleanable square feet per custodian determined by the tasks and frequencies required to maintain a facility at a desired level of appearance.
  • Customize environmentally sustainable programs
  • Enhance worker safety and reduce job related risks
  • Continuous equipment assessment of the most effective cleaning equipment for performed tasks
  • Morale incentives Custodian-of-the-Month, Cleanest-School-of-the-Year, etc.


Lowest Total Cost Through Set-cost Programs and Inventory Management

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