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Green Initiatives

Five Green Steps

  1. Use Green Seal Certified and other Environmentally Preferred Products
  2. Invest in New Equipment with a Lower Environmental Impact Profile
  3. Implement High Performance Green Cleaning Processes and Systems
  4. Gain Third-party Certification for Your Green Cleaning Program
  5. Integrate Your Certified Green Cleaning Program into a Complete Green Certified Building


Click here to download a green cleaning program survey form.  The survey will provide a bench mark for your program and show where you can go with being “greener.


Green Goes Beyond Traditional Cleaning

Interstate understands the demand for healthier products for both facilities and the environment has skyrocketed. As green products continue to gain popularity, managers are seeking a wider selection of environmentally preferred products. Green products are becoming more mainstream for maintaining clean facilities and better for the environment that surrounds us.


Traditional Cleaning

Product Focused
Little Planning
No Cleaning Standards
Poor Training
Cheap Products
Focus on Appearance
Bids on Products Only
Low Price Wins

Green Cleaning

Comprehensive Program
Written Plans
Standards Identified
Training Plans in Place
Quality Products
Focus on Health
Bids on Products & Services Required
Emphasis on Lowest Total Cost


Interstate can provide your facility with strategic guidelines for  Clean. Safe. Delivered
cleaning programs that offer the pathway and best practices to clean and maintain sustainable buildings.


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